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5 Freezer Freezer Friendly Lunch Box Tips

The following post may contain affiliate links from One of my resolutions for this school year is to get more organized when it comes to making school lunches. Packing lunches can be a daunting task if you are not prepared. Now that I have two kids in school I know I need to be more prepared to save my sanity, and save us all from lunch box boredom. One way to be prepared for… Continue reading 5 Freezer Freezer Friendly Lunch Box Tips

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5 Back to School Transition Tips For Your Kindergartener

Do you have a child who is going to kindergarten for the first time this year. Here are some tips to help make the transition a little easier for both your child and family. My second daughter will be going to kindergarten this year so I have a bit of an idea of what to expect. Despite knowing what to expect, I know one thing is for sure I am going to miss her being… Continue reading 5 Back to School Transition Tips For Your Kindergartener

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Freezer Friday: Ultimate BLT Sandwich

I just love BLT sandwiches and normally I do not mess with a classic, but sometimes it’s good to change things up a bit. This sandwich definitely takes the BLT to the next level. I like to keep a pretty good stock of bacon in my freezer. One thing that I like to do with bacon is to cook up a large batch and put it back in the freezer to use for sandwiches, soups,… Continue reading Freezer Friday: Ultimate BLT Sandwich

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A Mama’s Heart: The Storms of Life

A few weeks ago we talked about becoming a praying mama. This week I want to share my heart about trusting God with the storms that happen in our lives. We have all had them happen, job loss, health issues, financial, marriage problems, and even natural disasters. This past week the floods in Louisiana reminded me of a conversation that I had with my kids last spring. A version of this post was originally published last February after rather strange winter thunderstorm. I hope to make “A Mama’s Heart” a continuing feature in the coming weeks.

Weathering life's storms

The lightning flashed, and thunder crashed as it poured. I was trying to help my oldest daughter finish her homework assignment. My four year old, who was supposed to be sleeping, came running back out to the living room. “Will the lights go out,” she wondered. My oldest daughter chimed in, what if one of our trees falls down? What if it falls on the house? ” I prayed for them, for safety in the storm, and gave them a flashlight. After awhile the storm dissipated enough and I was able to get them to go to sleep. After they went to bed, I thought about the storms in my life and how I often react to them in a similar way with anxiety and worry.

The disciples were in a boat with Jesus when a storm came up suddenly. They were in a panic because they thought that the boat might overturn so they woke Jesus who had been taking a nap. “Don’t you realize that we are about to die they might have said to him. Do something!!” All he needed to do was to speak to the storm and it calmed down and the disciples were safe.

I remember as a kid being afraid of thunderstorms. I heard about people’s houses getting struck by lightning and burning to the ground and tree falling on houses. I also would worry about losing power. There is something about being in the dark that is a bit scary. Now I am the mom and I am the one camping out in the living room with sleeping bags when the power goes out.

1 peter 5:7

I know that Jesus has the ability to control the storm, it is that I need to trust Him more fully in every area of my life.

Cast all of your cares upon Him for He cares for you. I Peter 5:7.

If you want to donate to help those in need in Louisiana please I would recommend Samaritans Purse as a wonderful and reputable organization. Mama’s Sweet Home Team is not directly affiliated at this time with Samaritans Purse, but as a family usually participate in their Operation Christmas Child program each year.

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Banana Bread Muffins

Do you have a family on the run that just can’t make time for breakfast, are your kids driving you nuts by constantly asking for a snack? Then banana bread muffins are a great option for you. It freezes well, and also works well in a lunch box. In my house my kids are constantly asking for me to make them a snack. I try to get them to eat fruit as much as possible,… Continue reading Banana Bread Muffins

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Kids Book Review: The Jolly Barnyard

Last week I discussed tips for reading to toddlers. These tips can apply to both toddlers and young readers also and are part of developing necessary pre-literacy skills. This week I want to share with you one of our favorite books. This book was actually one of my favorites as well when I was a kid and brings back many wonderful memories. This is an adorable and classic book enjoyed by generations of kids, and… Continue reading Kids Book Review: The Jolly Barnyard

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Freezer Meal Friday: Chicken and Veggie French Bread Pizza

One thing that I love to stash in my freezer is bread deals. Stocking up on deals and then utilizing them in your meal planning can really help to stretch your grocery budget. It seems that my local grocery store has a lot of deals coming off the reduced bread rack. One deal that I love to stock up on is $.75 Italian or French bread. This does not always work perfectly for regular sandwiches,… Continue reading Freezer Meal Friday: Chicken and Veggie French Bread Pizza

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7 Tips for Reading to Your Toddler

Reading to young children helps to build language skills and helps to build a wonderful bond between parent and child. Reading to your child it helps to develop important language, and social skills. In addition, research has shown that children who are read to at home (starting at an early age) become better readers as they enter school. The benefits of reading to kids starting at a young age are numerous and cannot be ignored.… Continue reading 7 Tips for Reading to Your Toddler

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A Praying Mama: Praying for Our Kids

Read: 1 Samuel 1-28

Hannah desperately wanted a child and went daily to the temple to pray that God would give one to her. She promised God that if she were to have a child that she would dedicate him to the Lord. God granted her request and she had a son named Samuel. Hannah did as she promised and took her only son, probably still a toddler to the temple to live from then on. I can imagine what she might have been feeling, I have a three year old son who cries sometimes if he misses me and sometimes he clings to my leg. Therefore I can picture how hard her departure from the temple must have been for the both of them. Later she had more children, but her oldest one was not at home with her. He was not there to be a big brother to his siblings, or to learn the family business from his father. I am quite certain that she probably prayed for him often as Samuel was learning to be a priest in the temple. God was preparing him for the future.

Be a praying mama.
Be a praying mama.

Praying for Our Kids

Children are a blessing and like Samuel, God has a plan for each and every one of their lives. God uses us mothers to be part of that plan. It is our job to tell our kids about Jesus, and pray for them. I need to pray for my kids daily for every aspect of their lives. As a mom we are gradually letting go of our little ones as they grow through every stage. Right now my youngest is learning how to walk. I can help her some, but she is the one gaining the strength gradually daily so that one day soon she will be walking on her own.

Lately I have been feeling convicted about praying more for my children. We need to pray for every aspect of their lives. Though praying is only part of our job as a mom, it is a huge part. If you are like me you like to be in control of things, but we cannot as moms control every situation that our children experience, nor can we completely guarantee that our children will only have a happy and magical childhood. They will experience disappointment, pain, anxiety, and sadness. That is why prayer is so crucial.

2 (4)

Hannah dedicated her son Samuel to the Lord and prayed that his whole life would be given over to the Him. I have been convicted to pray for my children this way. I want them to grow up wanting to love and serve Jesus. I want to be like Hannah and dedicate my children’s lives to God. I know that I don’t literally have to give my kids up physically to be raised by others. I still have them in my home to hug, care for, teach and train. Praying for them is just the beginning of dedicating my children to the Lord, and it is an important place to start.

When did Hannah start praying for Samuel?
When should we start praying for our kids?

If you are like me you like to be in control of things, but we cannot as moms control every situation that our children experience.. therefore prayer is crucial.

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Freezer Meal: Goulash

Goulash was a staple on our table when I was growing up. If anyone were to look back at photos of our family dinners they would have seen this meal on our table at many of them. One thing I love about this recipe is that it is a one pot wonder, and is so easy to make. It is also a frugal and fast way to feed a crowd. Freezer Friendly Meal There are… Continue reading Freezer Meal: Goulash